Automotive technology Thought leadership and advocacy

We’re fortunate that many of our automotive and mobility technology clients are breaking new ground and shifting the paradigm every day with novel fuels to vehicle automation. Our thought leadership services enable this pioneering work to be put in front of audiences that are important to your business.


To ensure your distinctive position resonates with influential audiences, we position your novel thinking through a series of channels and activities, from conceiving, scripting and placing op-eds to researching and writing white papers with associated press launches and webinars to identifying keynote opportunities at conferences and trade shows.

Our op-ed work pitches thought leadership features to media titles from autotech trade media to more mainstream technology titles. Our journalists and PRs research and interview your subject experts and script the opinion editorial and manage the process of its publication. This content is placed in media, based on its editorial merit and is therefore free of charge.

We have great pedigree in researching, scripting, publishing and publicising White Papers, and can artwork, design and manage launches in press and social campaigns to provide an end-to-end service.

We can also help you find a platform for keynote presentations by identifying opportunities to address opinion-forming audiences at conferences, symposia and trade shows. Our team helps you develop compelling presentations and preview videos and, working in conjunction with GroupWhistle’s social team, we drive eyeballs to live events and re-purpose your speeches and keynotes after the event.

What we offer:

  • Thought leadership storyboarding and research
  • Op-ed scripting and placement
  • White Paper authoring, design, production and launches
  • Speaking engagements and keynote content creation
“GroupWhistle was tasked with helping AIMMO raise its profile in Western markets through comprehensive communications support. Before they started with AIMMO, no one outside of Korea had heard of us. GroupWhistle successfully reshaped AIMMO’s complex technology messaging into industry-ready and impactful communications with sizeable reach. I have no hesitation in recommending GroupWhistle to autotech companies seeking to gain profile and a competitive edge. ”

David Marks, Former Head of Sales (Europe)


GroupWhistle's technical writing team script White Papers, the design studio then adds an artworking capability, and the PR team ensures target audiences are engaged

GroupWhistle's technical writing team script White Papers, the design studio then adds an artworking capability, and the PR team ensures target audiences are engaged

We assist our clients to develop keynote presentations for major industry conferences

We assist our clients to develop keynote presentations for major industry conferences

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Our automotive tech services

The GroupWhistle advantage

Driving innovation: Your thought leadership partner in autotech
At GroupWhistle, we redefine the narrative of the autotech sector through thought leadership that transcends boundaries. In an ever-evolving industry, standing out requires more than just cutting-edge technology—it demands a compelling voice that leads the way. Our expertise lies in crafting thought leadership narratives that not only shape the autotech landscape but position your brand as an industry trailblazer.

Crafting visionary perspectives: Thought leadership in autotech
In the dynamic realm of auto technology, where innovations define the future, our thought leadership in autotech sets the stage for visionary perspectives. We go beyond the surface, offering insights that resonate with the intricacies of the autotech sector. By delving into the core challenges and opportunities, we craft narratives that not only reflect industry expertise but also elevate your brand as a thought pioneer.

Strategic narratives: Thought leadership strategies in auto tech
Thought leadership isn’t just about ideas; it’s about strategic storytelling. Our thought leadership strategies in autotech are designed to amplify your brand’s voice strategically. From conceptualization to execution, we leverage our industry insights to ensure your narratives resonate with key stakeholders in the autotech industry.

Pioneering innovation: Automotive tech thought pioneers
In a landscape where innovation defines success, we position your brand as automotive tech thought pioneers. Our team comprises industry experts and visionaries who understand the pulse of the autotech sector. Through thought leadership, we showcase your brand as a frontrunner, paving the way for others to follow.

Forward thinking excellence: Visionary perspectives in autotech
Anticipating the future is a key aspect of our forward-thinking in autotech approach. We not only understand current trends but also project future trajectories, allowing your brand to stay ahead in the competitive auto tech industry. By fostering a culture of forward thinking, we position your brand as an industry leader.

Leadership impact: Industry leaders in autotech
Leadership isn’t just a title; it’s a commitment to influence and impact. Our focus is on positioning your brand as one of the industry leaders in autotech. Through thought leadership initiatives, we showcase your brand’s expertise, innovations, and contributions, solidifying your position as a leader shaping the future of auto technology.

Visionary leadership: Autotech visionary leaders
Embark on a journey of visionary leadership with our autotech visionary leaders services. We guide your brand to articulate and communicate a compelling vision that resonates with stakeholders in the auto tech sector. Let your brand’s leadership shine through, influencing the narrative and driving positive change.

Shaping the industry landscape: Thought leadership storyboarding
Crafting impactful thought leadership requires a meticulous approach. Our thought leadership storyboarding services go beyond ideas, providing a structured framework to convey your brand’s narrative effectively. By shaping the storytelling process, we ensure your thought leadership pieces become influential landmarks in the autotech industry.

Research-driven insights: Thought leadership research
Uncover the untapped potential of your brand with our thought leadership research services. Through in-depth research, we identify trends, challenges, and opportunities specific to the auto tech sector. This data-driven approach empowers your thought leadership initiatives, ensuring they resonate with the evolving needs of the industry.

Choose GroupWhistle as your strategic partner in elevating your brand through impactful thought leadership in the autotech sector. Let us amplify your voice, shape industry conversations, and position your brand as a visionary leader in the dynamic world of auto technology. Embrace the future with confidence, knowing that your thought leadership will drive innovation and set the pace for industry excellence.