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Automotive technology is an exponential growth sector, powered by new fuels, automation, electrification, net zero and rapidly-advancing interconnectivity.


With this shift comes the problem of market noise generated by new entrants, faster technology evolution and increased regulation. And against this noise, it can be difficult to be heard.

That’s where we come in. Using our extensive knowledge of the autotech sector, we’re here to help your communications cut through the noise.

We work for technology tier suppliers, new breakthrough OEMs and niche vehicle manufacturers on two wheels and four.

Services:Tailored automotive technology PR solutions

Who we work with

GroupWhistle represents clients across the automotive and next-gen mobility sector, working with tiered supply chain technology companies, new breakthrough OEMs, established car, van and HGV manufacturers, engineering consultancies and niche and restomod vehicle manufacturers.

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Road Safety Foundation
Intelligent Energy
Brill Power
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