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Every second counts in the FIA World Rally Championship. Not just on the stages, but also in the media production office that supports the series at every twist and turn.

As a championship with a strategy to engage fans across the world by harnessing the power of digital content, the WRC is a big machine to feed. When the series needed editorial support services, it turned to GroupWhistle to deliver an ongoing solution.


The GroupWhistle editorial department boasts a team of writers that have worked in motorsport journalism for more than a decade. Those credentials enabled us to supply Red Bull Media House with an on- and off-event editorial news and feature-writing service.

During a seven-year period, we were responsible for identifying, researching and writing fresh news, feature and live text content that was published on the championship’s official website – www.wrc.com – which receives an average of 1.76 million visits per event.

We travelled to all FIA World Rally Championship events and worked closely with series photographers and film crews to capture specific material that would support the bid to engage rally fans across the world and increase the series’ reach.

“The guys from Whistle produce website copy to an extremely high standard and are very hardworking. They have played an important role in the development of WRC.com and we were pleased to count them as part of the WRC Promoter team.”

Hendrik Feil

Digital Media Manager

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