A national media campaign to power consumer EV thinking


The UK electric vehicle market is booming, but the market is crowded and consumers lack information to make informed choices around technology uptake.

To distinguish charge point operator from the crowd, GroupWhistle developed a manifesto outlining the company’s unique commitment to customers and took those messages to market as part of a nationwide roadshow.


The five pledges in the manifesto became the basis for a national campaign rolled out from Scotland to Land’s End, with a relevant regional focus in each of five strategic locations during the course of a week.

Aside from the manifesto development, GroupWhistle delivered a regional media campaign that secured press and local radio coverage, while a complementary social media push also targeted local residents as well as councillors responsible for commissioning charge point installations. The campaign significantly enhanced’s market recognition.

Following this campaign, GroupWhistle played a pivotal role in connecting with OEM, Vauxhall. GroupWhistle is now actively assisting in its partnership with Vauxhall to deliver its ‘Electric Streets of Britain’ initiative which aims to impart knowledge to local authorities regarding the successful deployment of charging networks within their communities.

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