Apricale® resets the automotive engineering paradigm with revolutionary hydrogen powertrain

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Apricale Interim Technical Specification

Powertrain: 800kW total deployable energy, 6kWh Battery Pack, 2 x 400kW motors front and rear

Final Drive: Single ratio geared for 200+mph

Chassis: Carbon fibre monocoque

Suspension: Dual wishbone pullrod actuated torsion bar front and rear, R53 Dampers

Steering: EPAS

Wheels: Dymag carbon fibre rim with magnesium centre

Tyres: 20” x 10.5” front, 20” x 12.5” Rear Michelin PS4

Braking System: 390 x 34mm CCM Discs, AP Racing 6-piston front and 4 piston rear calipers, Bosch ABS

Weight: 1,000kg

Hydrogen Storage: 700bar, 5.4kg

Dimensions: Length 455cm, Width 190cm, Height 115cm

Wheelbase: 280cm

Ground Clearance: 95mm to 135mm (active ride height)