AIMMO announces arrival of AIMMO Enterprise designed to transform AI Training Data Management

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  • AIMMO Enterprise is an AI Data Cloud service designed to manage and optimize training data at scale
  • Service will cover the entire data lifecycle from collection, to labeling and curation
  • Service designed for AI model training across multiple sectors including: smart cities , industry 4.0, robotics, e-commerce, text detection,  autonomous vehicles, optical character recognition software, and  defense, surveillance & security applications
  • AIMMO Enterprise provides customers with competitive advantage through quicker and larger data labeling volumes

06 January 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada. AIMMO, a global leader in data operations powering the automation of smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics, defense and security today launched a new cloud-based service designed to collect, label and curate data for AI model training.

The platform removes typical enterprise pain points associated with data collection, processing and large scale data management for AI model training and, as a cloud-based service, allows companies to collaborate on data projects without geographical limitation.

At the heart of the new web-based platform is AIMMO’s proprietary AI-powered labeling technologies for annotation, segmentation and tagging, together with new features such as full integration with storage solutions including Azure Blob.

From today’s announcement at the CES Show in Las Vegas, AIMMO is releasing the open beta version of AIMMO Enterprise for six months, offering companies the opportunity to derive a competitive advantage from its best-in class AI-powered smart labeling technology at no cost.

Businesses that sign up for AIMMO Enterprise on an ongoing basis during the open beta period will receive additional benefits including AI consulting.

In July, following the open six month beta period, the full version of AIMMO Enterprise will launch with a suite of additional features applicable to user requirements and feedback gained during the open beta period.

In addition to large-scale data management for AI models, such as models for autonomous driving, AIMMO Enterprise provides an efficient work environment compatible with all types of data, including sensor fusion, images, audio, video and text. The service is also designed to work with basic image annotation types (Bbox, Polygon, Keypoint) as well as LiDAR Segmentation and LiDAR Cuboid in a 3D point cloud environment.

The launch of the open beta version of AIMMO’s Enterprise platform follows the companies announcement yesterday on the opening day of CES of a new platform termed ADaaS, expressly designed to support autonomous vehicle developers with the world’s first end-to-end data operations service.

SeungTaek Oh, Founder and CEO of AIMMO, said, “AIMMO Enterprise is an exciting update to the suite of AI services that AIMMO now offers to ambitious, forward-thinking businesses. The beta phase of our new service represents an major opportunity for organizations worldwide to trial our best-in class AI-powered  smart labeling technology, designed to eliminate thankless and time-consuming data 

labeling tasks. We are confident that AIMMO Enterprise will provide organizations across a wide variety of industries a competitive advantage and we look forward to hearing their feedback.”

AIMMO welcome visitors and enquiries at their CES stand 9461

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AIMMO keeps customer AI solutions on mission by removing the challenges of data operations for sectors including: smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics, e-commerce, text detection,  autonomous vehicles, optical character recognition software, and  defense, surveillance & security applications. Our proprietary deep-learning assisted data services vastly reduce manual operations to provide speed and accuracy across data collection, curation, labeling and inspection. With breakthrough approaches to the supply of structured datasets, AIMMO provides quality, warranted 99.9% accuracy and speed for machine learning operations.

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