PeerByte Clear positioning to engage an automotive market


PeerByte develops systems that transform the way the automotive industry operates by allowing components from different manufacturers to be used on the same vehicle.

However, the capacity to ‘jailbreak’ the OEM stranglehold on closed ecosystems presents various challenges for a disruptor brand. As a result, PeerByte needed a positioning strategy to tailor its proposition in a focused and staged manner.


GroupWhistle’s LUMINATE positioning programme enabled PeerByte to identify the customer cohorts that would respond best to the opportunities its technology presented.

This insight allowed the company to focus its offer and pitch it in a customer-centric fashion to achieve engagement. This enabled PeerByte to establish firm footings in the industry rather than endeavouring to be all things to all men.

“Luminate was a quickfire consultancy process to help define our company’s positioning. It not only made us think front and centre about our customers and what they need, but it also served to align the leadership team internally.”
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