Motorsport Sponsorship activation

With 45% more sponsors than five years ago, Formula 1 has never been more popular. How will your partnership story cut through the noise?


The GroupWhistle team has worked for or with Williams, Mercedes, Ferrari, Sauber, HAAS, Renault and Aston Martin to shape brands, build audiences and drive results for global businesses in Formula 1 for more than two decades.

Our approach is communications-led, building story-telling platforms that connect your business with Formula 1 and its global reach to deliver clear commercial outcomes.

As paddock insiders, we understand the technologies that drive success on track, and help our clients to use these themes to drive powerful marketing campaigns. Above all, we achieve more from less. We extract maximum value, whatever your sponsorship entitlements, and deliver results more competitively than any other activation agency.

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What we offer:

  • Sponsorship proposition development
  • Sponsorship entitlement management
  • Sponsorship strategy
  • Campaign development and delivery
  • Content creation and sponsorship measurement and ROI
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“GroupWhistle are experts in achieving far more from less, developing resonant and digestible activation programmes from our complex technical partnership.”
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Services: Our motorsport capabilities

The GroupWhistle advantage

Ignite success on the track: Unleashing motorsport sponsorship activation
At GroupWhistle, your motorsport experience reaches new heights through our unparalleled proficiency in sponsorship activation. In the high-speed world of motorsport, we bring you a tailored approach that blends innovation and strategic brilliance to elevate your brand within the dynamic motorsport sector.

Crafting triumph: Motorsport activation strategies
Navigate the twists and turns of the motorsport arena with our visionary motorsport activation strategies. We delve into the heart of the motorsport industry, creating tailored approaches that resonate with your audience. Our strategies are not just about visibility; they’re about creating lasting connections in the fast-paced world of motorsport.

Formula 1 sponsorship planning: Pinnacle of excellence
Elevate your brand to the pinnacle of motorsport with our Formula 1 sponsorship planning. We understand the significance of Formula 1 in the motorsport sector, and our planning ensures that your sponsorship journey aligns seamlessly with the grandeur and global reach of Formula 1.

Sponsorship activation services: Driving results
Step into a new era of success with our comprehensive sponsorship activation services. We go beyond conventional approaches, weaving a narrative that goes straight to the core of your brand. Our services are designed to deliver clear commercial outcomes, ensuring that your sponsorship in the motorsport industry yields results that matter.

Communications-led sponsorship: Shaping narratives
In the motorsport sector, every sponsorship tells a story. Our communications-led sponsorship approach is the storyteller that shapes narratives that resonate. We leverage our deep understanding of motorsport technologies to create campaigns that not only captivate but also drive powerful marketing outcomes.

Strategic brilliance: Sponsorship proposition development
Unlock the full potential of your motorsport sponsorship with our sponsorship proposition development services. We don’t just propose; we strategically develop propositions that align with the nuances of the motorsport industry. Your brand deserves a proposition that stands out on and off the track.

Effective sponsorship strategies: Making every move count
In the dynamic motorsport sector, effectiveness is paramount. Our effective sponsorship strategies ensure that every move counts. We extract maximum value from your sponsorship entitlements, ensuring that your brand achieves more from less in the competitive world of motorsport activation.

Expertise in Motorsport activation: Your trusted partner
Partner with the experts in motorsport activation. With a legacy of working with motorsport giants, our expertise is your assurance. We understand the technologies that drive success on the track, and we translate these themes into powerful marketing campaigns for your motorsport brand.

Entitlement optimization strategies: Maximising impact
Optimise your sponsorship entitlements with our strategic entitlement optimization strategies. Whether it’s about enhancing visibility, audience engagement, or overall brand impact, our strategies ensure that your motorsport sponsorship makes a lasting impression in the motorsport industry.

Choose GroupWhistle as your strategic ally in the motorsport sponsorship arena. Let us be the driving force behind your brand’s success, leveraging our expertise, innovative strategies, and deep-rooted understanding of the motorsport sector to propel your brand to new heights in the world of motorsport activation.