Motorsport Press and PR

Know your turf. As communications directors and journalists with bundles of F1 and WRC experience, we know how to make your story play with the media.


In Formula 1, we have launched cars and new title sponsors to mainstream and specialist press, introduced new teams to the world via social media, and produced international advertiser-funded fly-on-the-wall factual television series long before Netflix existed.

Our PR team provides promoters and federations, drivers and their management agencies, and sponsors and teams with earned media strategy and delivery informed by three decades of experience.

We help our clients to set messaging and define target audiences, identify the reputational or transactional outcomes they seek and formulate both analogue and digital PR solutions to deliver against agreed KPIs.

Best of all, we knit traditional media relations with digital and social media to provide a coherent communications approach.

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What we offer:

  • Media strategy development
  • Campaign management and story pitching
  • Press release scripting and distribution
  • Press conference and launch event staging
  • Reputation management and crisis communications
Media interview with drivers
“GroupWhistle know the game inside out. They have former F1 team comms directors and motorsport journalists in their ranks, which gives them a thorough understanding of how the motorsport environment works.”
Services: Our motorsport capabilities

The GroupWhistle advantage

Driving visibility and impact: Your motorsport PR partner

At GroupWhistle, we bring your motorsport narrative to the forefront with our unparalleled expertise in press and PR services. As a dynamic player in the motorsport sector, we understand the nuances of the industry and offer a suite of services that elevate your brand’s presence and reputation.

Crafting success: Motorsport PR strategies

Embark on a journey of success with our meticulously crafted motorsport PR strategies. We navigate the intricacies of the motorsport industry, developing strategies that not only garner attention but also strategically position your brand for maximum impact in the competitive motorsport landscape.

Press campaign excellence: Managing the message

Our expertise extends to the meticulous press campaign management in the motorsport sector. We go beyond managing campaigns; we craft narratives that resonate with your audience, ensuring that every press initiative contributes to your brand’s story within the motorsport industry.

Strategic brilliance: Media strategy development in motorsport

In the ever-evolving motorsport industry, a robust media strategy is paramount. Our team specialises in media strategy development in motorsport, aligning your brand with the right channels and platforms. We ensure your voice is heard loud and clear, creating a lasting impression in the motorsport sector.

Unveiling stories: Press release scripting in motorsport

Experience the power of impactful storytelling with our press release scripting in motorsport. We transform your motorsport endeavours into compelling narratives, capturing the essence of your brand in every release. Our scripted releases resonate in the motorsport industry, creating waves of engagement and interest.

Grandeur in launch events: Staging excellence

Elevate your brand presence with our grandeur in launch event staging for motorsport. We understand the importance of creating moments that leave a lasting impact in the motorsport sector. From concept to execution, our staging services ensure your brand shines brightly in the motorsport arena.

Navigating challenges: Crisis communications in motorsport

In the fast-paced motorsport industry, challenges can arise unexpectedly. Our expertise extends to crisis communications in motorsport, providing swift and strategic responses to safeguard your brand’s reputation. We navigate challenges seamlessly, ensuring your brand remains resilient in the motorsport sector.

Guardians of reputation: Motorsport reputation management

Trust us to be the guardians of your brand’s reputation with our dedicated motorsport reputation management services. We proactively manage your brand image, building and enhancing your reputation in the motorsport industry through strategic initiatives and communication.

Strategic partnerships: Distribution excellence

Ensure your message reaches far and wide with our motorsport press release distribution services. We forge strategic partnerships with key outlets and platforms, maximising the reach and impact of your press releases within the motorsport sector.

Elevating presence: Reputation enhancement in motorsport

Let us be your catalyst for success with our motorsport reputation enhancement services. We strategically elevate your brand’s presence, ensuring it stands out as a leader in the motorsport industry.

Choose GroupWhistle as your motorsport PR partner, and let us drive your brand to new heights. Our press and PR services are not just about visibility; they’re about creating an enduring legacy for your brand in the dynamic and competitive motorsport sector.