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We build your profile. You focus on winning. ProfilePro is the game-changing athlete brand and communications package from GroupWhistle.


More than ever, driver progression relies not just on game-day performance, but personal presentation, communication and brand. That’s why we created ProfilePro to give professional athletes the support they crave. We allow you to focus on being the best in your chosen discipline, while our team gives you an edge in the comms race.

Our service, targeted at breakthrough drivers that want to take the step to the top tier, is cost-effective and made up of four complementary elements. It starts with personal brand definition and identity creation, before moving on to building digital channels and ensuring a rich stream of content to engage fans.

We also develop commercial pitch decks for sponsors and provide tailored PR and media services in affordable, fixed price packages.

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What we offer:

  • Personal brand development including positioning and identity creation
  • Website and social media channel builds, content creation and community management
  • Commercial proposal bid writing and artworked deck creation
  • Driver PR including press release scripting and distribution, crisis and reputation management
GroupWhistle – Motorsport drivers profile development
“I had GroupWhistle by my side for five years as I raced into F1. For guidance and expertise, they’re second to none.”

Nicholas Latifi

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The GroupWhistle advantage

Drive to stardom: Unleashing potential through motorsport driver profile development
At GroupWhistle, we’re not just in the business of motorsport; we’re in the business of shaping destinies within the dynamic motorsport sector. Elevate your brand’s presence, engage your audience, and cultivate the next generation of motorsport superstars with our specialised driver profile development services.

Crafting champions: Motorsport driver profile development
Navigate the fast lanes of success with our exceptional expertise in motorsport driver profile development. We go beyond creating profiles; we craft compelling narratives that position drivers as not just competitors but as dynamic personalities within the motorsport industry.

Accelerate brand impact: Driver brand development in motorsport
Drive your brand to new heights with our specialised driver brand development in motorsport. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the motorsport sector, creating brand identities that resonate with enthusiasts, sponsors, and the broader motorsport community.

Personal brand triumph: Personal brand positioning in motorsport
Position your personal brand for triumph with our expertise in personal brand positioning in motorsport. We delve into the intricacies of the motorsport industry, ensuring that your personal brand stands out amidst the competition.

Identity unleashed: Identity creation in motorsport
Unleash a powerful identity with our identity creation in motorsport. We create more than just profiles; we shape identities that reflect the essence of drivers within the motorsport sector, fostering connection and engagement.

Content mastery: Content creation for motorsport athletes
Master the art of content creation with our specialised services for content creation for motorsport athletes. From captivating videos to engaging social media posts, we ensure that every piece of content adds to the narrative of your motorsport journey.

Commercial brilliance: Commercial proposal bid writing
Craft commercial brilliance with our expertise in commercial proposal bid writing. We understand the nuances of securing sponsorships and partnerships within the motorsport industry, ensuring that every bid reflects the true potential of drivers.

Community connection: Community management for motorsport drivers
Build a community around your brand with our specialised community management for motorsport drivers. Engage with fans, respond to queries, and cultivate a passionate community that not only supports but becomes advocates for your drivers within the motorsport sector.

Positioning prowess: Profile positioning for motorsport drivers
Position your drivers strategically with our expertise in profile positioning for motorsport drivers. We understand the intricacies of the motorsport industry, ensuring that your drivers are not just participants but key personalities within the community.

Driving success: Profile development for motorsport athletes
Drive success with our comprehensive profile development for motorsport athletes. We go beyond statistics, crafting profiles that tell a story, captivate audiences, and position athletes as the next big names in the motorsport industry.

Bid writing mastery: Bid writing for driver proposals
Master the art of bid writing with our specialised services for bid writing for driver proposals. We don’t just write proposals; we craft compelling narratives that showcase the true potential of drivers within the motorsport sector.

Profile distribution: Distribution for driver profiles
Extend your reach with our specialised distribution for driver profiles. We ensure that the stories of your drivers reach the right audience, driving engagement and expanding your brand’s presence within the motorsport industry.

Choose GroupWhistle as your partner in motorsport driver profile development. Let us fuel the journey of aspiring motorsport stars with profiles that not only stand out but accelerate success in the fiercely competitive world of motorsport.