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Our brand team has given life to any number of clean-sheet designs that today are internationally-renowned, globally-recognised titans in the automotive sector, from marque relaunches to specialist tier suppliers. And we’ve made some small businesses stand out among the noise too.


For most founders on start up day, identity is the last item on the list. But at some point down the line, whether trying to battle for investor attention or at the tipping point when your identity needs to command the attention of customers, it becomes one of your most important assets.

We help businesses from the get-go, or to refresh and reimagine who they are and how they look, developing identity, logo marks, colour ways, font sets, asset stores of image and film, and branded channels such as company websites to help you stand out. And with decades of experience in the automotive industry, our creative antennae are well attuned to the sector.

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What we offer:

  • Ident development and/or refresh
  • Full corporate identity guidelines and roll out
  • Brand touchpoint audits and new identity application roll out
A spread from the brand book showing the brand texture
“GroupWhistle has a great design studio. But what’s far more important is that they understand the essence of the automotive industry, which means their design is informed by a proper understanding.”
Silhouette of a car

GroupWhistle’s design studio brings new automotive marques into the light

Our automotive tech services

The GroupWhistle advantage

Crafting impactful branding: Your autotech identity partner
In the dynamic landscape of the auto tech sector, your brand’s identity is the compass that guides success. At GroupWhistle, we specialise in elevating your brand through expert branding identity in autotech. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the autotech sector, our services go beyond logos – they encapsulate your brand’s essence, ensuring it stands out as a beacon of innovation and trust.

Visual storytelling mastery: Autotech visual branding
Your brand story deserves to be told with flair. Our auto tech visual branding services bring your narrative to life through captivating visuals. We understand that in the auto tech sector, innovation is a language, and our visual branding ensures your brand speaks it fluently. From sleek logos to impactful imagery, we craft a visual identity that resonates with your audience.

Strategic brand imagery: Brand imagery in autotech
In a world driven by visuals, your brand imagery is a powerful communicator. Our approach to brand imagery in autotech is strategic and purposeful. We curate images that not only reflect the technological prowess of your brand but also resonate with the visual language of the auto tech sector. Let your brand be seen as a visual trendsetter in the industry.

Bespoke branding strategies: Branding in autotech sector
In the competitive landscape of the autotech sector, generic strategies won’t cut it. Our branding services in the autotech sector are tailored to the nuances of your industry. We delve into the specifics, crafting strategies that align with the ever-evolving trends and consumer expectations, ensuring your brand stands out as a leader in the autotech industry.

Innovate with automotive tech: Automotive tech branding strategies
Innovation is the heartbeat of the autotech industry, and your brand should echo that sentiment. Our automotive tech branding strategies go beyond the conventional, positioning your brand as an innovator. From cutting-edge visuals to forward-thinking messaging, we shape your brand to be a trailblazer in the competitive auto tech landscape.

Cohesive visual identity: Visual identity in autotech industry
In a cluttered marketplace, a cohesive visual identity is your brand’s strength. Our approach to visual identity in the autotech industry ensures consistency across every touchpoint. From websites to marketing collateral, we create a seamless visual experience that reinforces your brand’s position as a trusted entity in the auto tech sector.

Enhancing perceptions: Enhancing brand perception
Perception matters, especially in the auto tech sector. Our services focus on enhancing brand perception strategically. By aligning your brand’s visual identity with the values and expectations of your audience, we create a positive and lasting impression. Let your brand be perceived as a leader that understands and adapts to the dynamic autotech industry.

Mastering visual consistency: Visual consistency in autotech
Visual consistency isn’t just an aesthetic choice – it’s a strategic advantage. Our expertise in visual consistency in autotech ensures your brand is recognized and remembered across diverse platforms. We integrate consistency into every visual element, solidifying your brand’s presence and impact in the autotech industry.

Building recognition: Brand recognition
In a sector teeming with competition, recognition is key. Our focus on brand recognition is about more than just logos. We develop strategies that make your brand instantly recognizable, whether in a lineup of competitors or in the minds of your target audience. Let your brand become a symbol of trust and innovation in the autotech industry.

Crafting compelling messages: Brand messaging
Words are the bridge between your brand and your audience. Our brand messaging services craft narratives that align with your brand’s identity and values. From taglines to mission statements, we ensure that every word reinforces your brand’s positioning in the autotech sector.

Choose GroupWhistle as your strategic partner in crafting a brand identity that resonates within the autotech sector. Let us be the architects of your brand’s journey, shaping perceptions, telling compelling stories, and ensuring that your brand not only keeps pace with but drives innovation in the dynamic world of auto technology. Embrace the future with a brand that speaks the language of the autotech landscape with confidence and distinction.