Automotive technology Design studio & content creation

GroupWhistle places great emphasis on the power of design to make your business stand out – and deliver on hard business objectives.


Our studio provides a comprehensive design service from briefs as simple as document design to full product conceptualisation, photo-real rendering and animation. Whether the requirement is for simple social video or complex animated film, our design is uniquely blended with the narrative insights from our content creators to ensure content form and content will engage its intended audience.

For our autotech clients that are busy developing IP, we have a strong track record in the creation of virtual renders of R&D or PoC outcomes long before prototypes have taken shape. This means investors, media or other important stakeholders can coalesce around a tangible sense of intention before a product has taken form.

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What we offer:

  • Comprehensive content creation including infographics, podcasts, photographic and video shoot, art and editorial direction and production
  • Document and presentation design
  • 3D design for exhibition stands and other large format applications
  • Cost-effective video production for websites, social media and trade shows
  • Animations and 3D renders
A virtualised impression of StreetDrone's autonomous yard shunter

A virtualised impression of StreetDrone's autonomous yard shunter

“GroupWhistle's design work allow us to turn intangible software into products that attracted investor and media attention alike.”
A virtual impression of StreetDrone's Wilco Pix-E autonomous home delivery locker

A virtual impression of StreetDrone's Wilco Pix-E autonomous home delivery locker

Our automotive tech services

The GroupWhistle Advantage

Elevate your autotech narrative: Unleashing creative excellence

Welcome to GroupWhistle, your dedicated partner for visionary auto tech content creation. In an era where innovation is the driving force, we bring your brand’s narrative to life through captivating content tailored specifically for the dynamic landscape of the autotech sector.

Crafting brilliance: Autotech content creation

At the heart of our services lies the art of storytelling through auto tech content creation. We go beyond the ordinary, diving deep into the intricacies of the autotech industry to create content that not only informs but captivates. Our team of creative minds is dedicated to bringing your brand’s story to the forefront, ensuring it resonates seamlessly within the auto tech sector.

Visual symphony: Autotech video production

Visuals are the language of the future, and our auto tech video production services are designed to make your brand speak it fluently. From concept to execution, we deliver video content that not only showcases your innovations but also connects with your audience on a deeper level. Step into the visual realm with us and let your brand be seen and remembered.

Infographics that simplify: Creative infographic creation

Navigating the complexities of autotech is made easier with our infographic creation services. We transform intricate concepts into visually engaging infographics, making information accessible and engaging. Your brand’s unique value proposition is highlighted, ensuring it stands out in the information-rich environment of the auto tech industry.

Visual storytelling mastery: Video shoot art and editorial direction

Immerse your brand in a visual narrative crafted with finesse. Our video shoot art and editorial direction services bring your brand’s story to life. From the artistic vision of video shoots to the strategic guidance in editorial direction, we ensure your content speaks volumes, resonating with the discerning audience in the autotech sector.

Strategic document and presentation design

Every document tells a story, and every presentation is an opportunity to captivate. Our document design and presentation design services are tailored for the auto tech industry, ensuring that your brand’s story is presented with strategic brilliance. From boardroom presentations to product launches, we design content that makes a lasting impact.

Innovative 3D designs: 3D design for exhibitions and autotech

Elevate your brand presence with our 3D design for exhibitions tailored for the auto tech industry. We transform concepts into tangible experiences, ensuring that your exhibition stands are not just spaces but immersive narratives. Let your brand be the centre of attention, showcasing innovation and excellence.

Creative dimensions: 3D renders in autotech

Experience the power of creativity in three dimensions with our 3D renders in auto tech. We bring your concepts to life, offering a glimpse into the future of your innovations. From product visualisations to conceptual designs, our 3D renders add a layer of creative brilliance to your content in the auto tech sector.

Exhibition stand brilliance: Content creation for stands

Transform your exhibition stands into engaging narratives with our exhibition stand content creation services. We understand the importance of creating an impact in a limited space. Our team crafts content that not only attracts attention but also communicates the essence of your brand within the auto tech industry.

Choose GroupWhistle as your strategic partner in unleashing the full potential of your brand through creative content in the auto tech sector. Let us be the architects of your brand’s narrative, ensuring that every piece of content reflects the innovation, excellence, and unique identity that defines your presence in the auto tech industry.