AIMMO Complex technology, simple storytelling


Complex deeptech such as Artificial Intelligence that generates training data for self-driving car technology evades simple storytelling.

For our AI clients, AIMMO, we brought deeptech to the surface by making machine-grown code a story that every driver would care about – and by extension, the car industry too.

AIMMO screen showing live AI data


Rather than focus on the technology itself, Whistle undertook extensive research to identify use cases where current automated driving (ADAS) systems impacted the average driver.

Our research uncovered a significant cohort of drivers who were voting with their feet to switch off ‘on-the-driveway’ systems such as lane keep and automated emergency braking.

Our campaign to highlight the limitations of existing technologies in consumer motoring media positioned AIMMO as an answer to the problem of poorly trained algorithms and a solutions provider for better trained automation technologies.

This approach that prioritises the end customer perspective is a tried and tested Whistle way of moving deeptech from the lab to narratives of relevance that will engage audiences in earned and shared media.

“Whistle was tasked with helping AIMMO raise its profile in Western markets through comprehensive communications support. Before Whistle started with AIMMO, no-one outside of Korea had heard of us. The agency worked alongside our in-house team to successfully reshape AIMMO’s complex technology messaging into industry-ready and impactful communications with sizable reach. I have no hesitation in recommending Whistle to technology companies seeking to gain profile and a competitive edge.”

David Marks, Head of Sales (Europe)


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